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EU Services Trade Liberalization and Economic Regulation: Complements or Substitutes? Review of International Organizations, 2020, vol. 15, Issue 1, 247-270 – [Accepted PDF] [PAPER]

with Bernard Hoekman

Missing the Bigger Picture: A Population-Level Analysis of Transnational Private Governance Organizations Active in the Global South – accepted at Ecological Economics, 2019 – [Accepted PDF] [PAPER]

with Philip Schleifer and Luc Fransen

Transparency in Transnational Governance: The Determinants of Information Disclosure of Voluntary Sustainability Programs – accepted at Regulation & Governance, 2019 – [Accepted PDF] [PAPER]

with Philip Schleifer and Graeme Auld

Trade Agreements, Regulatory Institutions and Services Liberalization – Global Policy, 2018, vol. 9, Issue 4, 441-450 – [Accepted PDF] [PAPER]

with Bernard Hoekman

Services Policy Reform and Manufacturing Employment: Evidence from Transition Economies The World Economy, 2018, vol. 41, Issue 9, 2320-2348 – [Accepted PDF] [PAPER]

with Bernard Hoekman and Clément Malgouyres

Services Trade Policy and Sustainable Development World Development, 2018, vol. 112, 1-12 – [Accepted PDF] [PAPER]

with Bernard Hoekman

Institutional Design of Voluntary Sustainability Standards Systems: Evidence from a New Database – Development Policy Review, 2018 – [Accepted PDF] [PAPER]

with Bernard Hoekman, Marion Jansen, Philip Schleifer, Olga Solleder, Regina Taimasova and Joseph Wozniak

Services Trade Policy and Manufacturing Productivity: The Role of Institutions – Journal of International Economics, 2017, vol. 104, 166-182 – [Accepted PDF] [PAPER]

with Cosimo Beverelli and Bernard Hoekman

Media coverage: VOX Column


Roads and Jobs in Ethiopia – [PDF latest version] – Submitted

with Marco Sanfilippo

WIDER WP2019-116

Trade Liberalization, Roads and Firm Productivity [PDF latest version] – Submitted

with Marco Sanfilippo and Asha Sundaram

Previous versions titled: Input Tariffs, Roads and Firm Performance: Evidence from Ethiopia – [IGC Working Paper]; and Roads: From Trade Liberalization to Firm Productivity – [EUI RSCAS WP 2019/32]

Asymmetric Cultural Proximity and Greenfield FDI [PDF latest version]Submitted

with Giorgia Giovannetti, Mauro Lanati and Filippo Santi

EUI RSCAS WP 2017/56

Local Labour Markets and the China Shock: The Role of Services Input Intensity [PDF latest version]Submitted

with Omar Bamieh, Bernard Hoekman and Adam Jakubik

CEPR Discussion Paper

The Political Economy of Service Trade Agreements[PDF latest version]

with Mathilde Lebrand

EUI ECO Working Paper / CESifo Working Paper


Performance Evaluation and Export Promotion Agencies: Does one size fit all? – [SLIDES]

with Mauro Boffa and Bernard Hoekman

Institutions, Services Reforms and Manufacturing Productivity: The Case of Italian Firms

with Cosimo Beverelli, Francesco Bripi and Bernard Hoekman

The Political Economy of Migrants Integration – [PDF]

Institutions and Firms’ Organization: Asymmetric Effects of Trade on Productivity and Welfare – [PDF]

with Mathilde Lebrand and Alberto Osnago


Restrictiveness of Services Trade Policy and the Sustainable Development Goals

with Bernard Hoekman

in “Services-Led Development: Prospects and Policies” edited by Matthias Helble and Ben Shepherd. Asian Development Bank Institute, 2019 – [Book at Publisher page]

The Impacts of Services Trade Restrictiveness on the Productivity of Manufacturing Sectors in East Asia

with Cosimo Beverelli and Bernard Hoekman

in “East Asian Integration: Goods, Services and Investment.” edited by Lili Ing, Martin Richardson and Shuhiro Urata. Routledge, 2019 – [Book at Publisher page]

Services Market Liberalization, Economic Governance, and Trade Agreements

with Bernard Hoekman

in “The Political Economy of Structural Reforms in Europe” edited by Nauro Campos, Paul De Garuwe and Yuemei Ji. Oxford University Press, 2018 – [Book at Publisher page]

Analysis of Services Trade Policy

with Bernard Hoekman

in “The UK and Developing Countries: A deeper look at issues surounding Trade in Services and Free Trade Agreements” edited by Bernard Hoekman, Jim Rollo, Rorden Wilkinson, Alan Winters. The UK Trade Policy Observatory, University of Sussex, 2017 – [Book at DFID Website]

Globalization and Structural Change: Upheaval in the Nineties or in the Noughties?

with Marion Jansen and Weisi Xie

in “Factory-Free Economy: What Future for 21st Century?” edited by Lionel Fontagné and Ann E. Harrison. Oxford University Press, 2017 – [Book at Publisher page]


WTO Dispute Settlement and the Appellate Body Crisis: Insider Perceptions and Members’ Revealed Preferences

with Bernard Hoekman, Petros Mavroidis, Maarja Saluste, and Robert Wolfe

Bertelsmann Stiftung Working Paper; Appendix; VOX column

Voluntary Sustainability Standards, Trade and Sustainable Development

3rd Flagship Report of the United Nations Forum on Sustainability Standards 2018 (contributor to chapter I with Bernard Hoekman, Philip Schleifer, Luc Fransen and Jonna Gjaltema)

UNFSS Publication Page

Critical Connections: Promoting Economic Growth and Resilience in Europe and Central Asia

World Bank Publication 2018 (contributor to chapter 7 with Omar Bamieh and Bernard Hoekman / main author of the report: David Gould)

World Bank Publication Page

Social and Environmental Standards: Contributing to More Sustainable Value Chains

joint ITC-EUI Publication 2016 (other main contributors: Bernard Hoekman, Marion Jansen, Philip Schleifer, Olga Solleder, Regina Taimasova and Joseph Wozniak)

EUI Publication Page

Services and Sustainable Development: A Conceptual Approach

ICTSD publication 2016 (other main contributors: Bernard Hoekman and Marta Soprana)

ICTSD Publication Page

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