Matteo Fiorini at IDEAS


Services Trade Policy and Manufacturing Productivity: The Role of Institutions – Journal of International Economics, vol. 104, Jan 2017, 166-182

with Cosimo Beverelli and Bernard Hoekman

Media coverage: VOX Column


Local Labour Markets and the China Shock: The Role of Services Input Intensity [PDF latest version] – Submitted

with Omar Bamieh, Bernard Hoekman and Adam Jakubik

CEPR Discussion Paper

Asymmetric Cultural Proximity and Greenfield FDI [PDF latest version]

with Giorgia Giovannetti, Mauro Lanati and Filippo Santi

EUI RSCAS WP 2017/56

Services Trade Liberalization, Regulation and Deep Integration Agreements – Revise&Resubmit

with Bernard Hoekman

EUI RSCAS WP 2017/47

Services Trade Policy and Sustainable Development – Revise&Resubmit

with Bernard Hoekman

EUI RSCAS WP 2017/41

Economic Governance, Regulation and Services Trade Liberalization – Submitted

with Bernard Hoekman

EUI RSCAS WP 2017/27

Transparency in Transnational Sustainability Governance: A Multivariate Analysis of Regulatory Standard-Setting Programs – Revise&Resubmit

with Philip Schleifer and Graeme Auld

EUI RSCAS WP 2017/16

Services Policy Reform and Manufacturing Employment: Evidence from Transition Economies[PDF latest version] – Revise&Resubmit

with Bernard Hoekman and Clément Malgouyres

EUI RSCAS WP 2016/46 / CEPR Discussion Paper

The Political Economy of Migrants Integration – [PDF]

Institutions and Firms’ Organization: Asymmetric Effects of Trade on Productivity and Welfare – [PDF]

with Mathilde Lebrand and Alberto Osnago

The Political Economy of Service Trade Agreements[PDF latest version] – Revise&Resubmit

with Mathilde Lebrand

EUI ECO Working Paper / CESifo Working Paper

Exploring Voluntary Sustainability Standards using ITC Standards Map – Accepted for publication at Development Policy Review

with Bernard Hoekman, Marion Jansen, Philip Schleifer, Olga Solleder, Regina Taimasova and Joseph Wozniak

ITC Working Paper WP-04-2016.E


Trade Liberalization, Infrastructure and Firm Performance: Evidence from Ethiopia (with Marco Sanfilippo and Asha Sundaram) – [DEGIT 2017 conference paper]


Globalization and Structural Change: Upheaval in the Nineties or in the Noughties?

with Marion Jansen and Weisi Xie

forthcoming in “Factory-Free Economy: What Future for 21st Century?” edited by Lionel Fontagné and Ann E. Harrison. Oxford University Press


Social and Environmental Standards: Contributing to More Sustainable Value Chains

joint ITC-EUI Publication 2016 (other main contributors: Bernard Hoekman, Marion Jansen, Philip Schleifer, Olga Solleder, Regina Taimasova and Joseph Wozniak)

EUI Publication Page

Services and Sustainable Development: A Conceptual Approach

ICTSD publication 2016 (other main contributors: Bernard Hoekman and Marta Soprana)

ICTSD Publication Page

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